Aims and Scope

The RABSEL is open access, peer-reviewed and bi-annual journal published twice a year in Spring (May) and Autumn (November) by the Centre for Educational Research and Development, Paro College of Education, Royal University of Bhutan. This Journal is an interdisciplinary publication presenting research and scholarly reviews related to education and publishing articles on empirical and theoretical studies, research reports, commentaries, and scholarly reviews that attempt a systematic analysis or synthesis of educational processes and systems from different viewpoints and approaches. The Journal welcomes contributors who promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse among practicing educators, researchers, planners, administrators, educational thinkers and practitioners, learners, and policy-makers from Bhutan and abroad.

Three types of manuscripts are appropriate for submission to the CERD journal (RABSEL)

I. Reports of empirical research

Reports of empirical research are descriptions of research studies. These studies must have clear and important implications for education and/or research. CERD considers research representing diverse methodologies, including group design, single-subject research, case study, etc. The major criteria for publication are quality of design, implementation, and writing, as well as importance to the field.

II. Scholarly review

Scholarly papers take the form of essays that represent well-developed arguments on philosophical, theoretical, or practical problems in the field of education. They are not required to adhere to an empirical research design (i.e., methods, data collection, and data analysis). Instead, scholarly papers pose analytical or conceptual frameworks.

Scholarly papers should contain as many of the following as are applicable, preferably in this order: (1) objectives or purposes of the inquiry; (2) the philosophical, theoretical, or practical argument; (3) literature, sources, or evidence to support the argument/analysis; (4) conclusions and implications of the argument; and (5) significance of the argument


III. Project Reports

These articles will be shorter and more preliminary reports about interesting educational projects (innovative courses, learning communities, etc.). Several of these reports could be published each issue. The focus of a project report is on the progress or outcomes of an academic innovation that addresses issues in education.