Enhancing Grade VIII Students’ Use of Tenses through Gamifications and Peer Tutoring: An Action Research Study at Autsho Central School


  • Nidup Wangdi


English grammar, tenses, peer tutoring, gamifications, achievement


This study examined the impact of gamifications and peer tutoring on grade VIII students’ use of tenses. The sample consisted of 53 students (26 in control and 27 in experimental group). Tenses achievement test and interview were employed to gather the data. Independent-samples t-test were used to analyze the data. A t-test analysis for the pretests showed that there were no significant differences in students’ use of tenses prior to the intervention for both the experimental and control groups (p=0.88 >0.05). However, the posttest result analysis indicated a significant difference between the groups in favor of the experimental group (p=0.001< 0.05). Thus, it is commendable that teachers should design suitable materials and apply innovative approaches such gamifications and peer tutoring to teach tenses so as to meet the needs of learners.