Enhancing Class XI Students’ Writing Skills through Journaling: An Action Research Study at Lhuentse Higher Secondary School


  • Dorji Nidup Lhuentse Higher Secondary School, Lhuentse
  • Yenten Ningtob Lhuentse Higher Secondary school, Lhuentse




Writing habit, writing skills, class eleven students, motivation, and journaling


Journaling has been one of the academic enhancement programs of Lhuentse Higher Secondary School, but its impact was never studied. This action research, therefore, aimed at finding out the impacts of journaling on the writing skills of class eleven students. Hence, an essay writing test of 200 to 250 words was conducted to assess the writing skills of the students before the intervention. Then baseline data from class eleven students (N=151) were collected through survey questionnaires. Based on the findings of the baseline data, intervention strategies were administered for six months starting from May. The second written test was conducted in the first week of November followed by the gathering of post-intervention data through post-survey questionnaires (N=151). Findings indicated that journaling has helped in enhancing writing habits, resulting in the improvement of writing skills and performance. Similarly, post-intervention data found that students are more motivated and confident in writing. Therefore, we recommend journaling to be implemented starting from the primary classes for the enhancement of students’ academic performance.