Implementing Lesson Study to establish a Professional Learning Community and enhance Students’ Learning


  • Dungsi Dema Shaba Higher Secondary School, Paro
  • Phub Dorji Shaba Higher Secondary School, Paro



This action research was undertaken to explore how the execution of Lesson Study (LS) would promote a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and bring improvement in students’ learning. Despite the introduction of a professional learning practice in the school, a vast majority of the teachers have remained isolated and hesitant to exchange teaching-related information and experiences, thus a strong need for a PLC was felt in the school. Therefore, to promote a PLC the practice of LS was introduced and studied in relation to students’ learning. LS has gained rapid recognition in enhancing both teachers’ performance and students’ learning in recent years. There were 18 student and 4 teacher participants involved in the study. The data were gathered through test results, questionnaire surveys, and classroom observation. We completed three rounds of the intervention process in three months. In each round, the team had the opportunity to plan and apply different research lessons in their respective classes. After three months of the implementation process, the result showed improvement in the student’s learning as well as in the promotion of the PLC of the school.